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The idea of Sneaky Snobby started in their homeschool room when Jennifer's children were very young.  The family talked about her, drew pictures of her and told stories of how completely terrible Sneaky Snobby was.  Finally, Jennifer has put pen to paper to tell the tale of Sneaky Snobby with illustrations by her daughter Sarah Joy Kvam.



Jennifer Kvam is the author of Sneaky Snobby and makes her home in the small Swedish town of Mora, MN with her husband, four children, Lou the Lab, and the rest of their Labrador pack. She has enjoyed homeschooling her children for over 24 years.  Jennifer loves to read, write books, spend time in the pottery studio, quilt, ice fish and garden in the summer with Lou at her side.  She also loves exercising her loyal Labradors on her rural acreage. She hopes her book will bring laughter to children of all ages while encouraging them to build friendships and stop bullying. 


Sarah Joy Kvam is a Graphic Designer, Illustrator and artist located in Minnesota.  She has a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design and Studio Art and a minor in Biblical Studies.  In her free time, she finds herself producing music; singing and recording covers of her favorite songs.  You can find more examples of her work on her website at

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Lou is the sweet Labrador Retriever in the story of Sneaky Snobby.  He's owned by the author Jennifer Kvam.  He's the most loyal of Labradors and carries the best intentions in that lumbering walk of his.  He tends to be a little clumsy sometimes but always has everyone's best interest in mind.  Lou tops out at 120 pounds but still enjoys sitting in his owners lap.


Misery loves company and Sneaky Snobby is all about making others miserable.  She's having a bad day today so she has her back to us at the moment.  Don't look at her or talk to her right now.


The joyful JoJo's in the world make a difference everywhere they go and always refuse to give up!  JoJo is proud to be here in loving memory of the authors mother Joanne Anderson.  Joanne grew up in the 1940's, knew poverty and still overcame her circumstances.  She lived a life loving others and making friends everywhere she went.  Her character was kind, gentle, loving and determined.  


Chad is the best friend of all friends.  He's everything that a guy or gal could hope for in a friend.  He's loyal, fun, dependable and very smart.  His full name is Chaderic London.

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